What Are Your Favorite Movies?

Gattaca. The Fifth Element, actually, is up there too. The Prisoner of Azkaban movie. Empire Strikes Back. Sneakers. Jackie Chan’s Operation Condor. (I know, I know.) The Emperor’s New Groove. Star Trek: First Contact.

To be honest, that’s probably not a great list. Those are the movies I watch over and over, but there are a lot of movies I love, but have only seen a few times. I’m not generally a ‘watch it over again’ type of guy, so it’s hard to pick favorites. I come back to the genre films or things like Jackie Chan because they’re quirky and rewatchable, but that doesn’t actually mean they’re my favorite–or that they’ve influenced me as much as other films. For instance, Laurence of Arabia blew my mind, and The Sting influenced how I write quite a bit, but I’ve only seen those films once. But I do keep coming back to Gattaca as one of the movies I think does what storytelling should do, when done perfectly right.

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