Quick List Of Favorites

What is your favorite food?

Mac and Cheese. I also love Popcorn for snacking.

Which Is Your Favorite Pratchett Novel And Why?

The Truth is my favorite. As a writer, and one who likes to explore the nature of the truth in his works, a novel that deals with someone trying to publish a newspaper in a fantasy world mixed philosophy and laughs in the way only Pratchett can. However Guards Guards, is the book where I suggest people new to Pratchett start. I suggest avoiding the Colour of Magic as your first experience, even though it’s technically the first book in the series. They are all stand alone novels, really, and Guards Guards can be seen as the beginning of the best sub-series within the series.

If you had a pet animal that you could communicate with (just like daemons in the trilogy “His Dark Materials” by Phillip Pullman) which animal would you choose?

Can I cheat and make an animal that doesn’t exist?  Because if so, I’d pick a dragon.  Because then I’d have a cool animal to talk to AND I’d be the only person around with a DRAGON. If it has to be an animal that’s real–a kind of spirit dragon–I would pick some kind of intelligent bird.  A parrot or a raven.  Something that can fly, do things I cannot, and look totally awesome sitting on my shoulder and glaring at people. Yar.

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