Do You Have Any Hobbies?

Yeah, yeah. It’s actually a little embarrassing. I play Magic the Gathering, which is kind of the nerdiest game ever invented.  I do role play a little bit, but Magic is probably my biggest hobby. I actually decided a few years back that I needed a hobby. I had to have one, because otherwise I would write all the time. And I needed something to balance out my life, so I dug out my old cards and started playing again, and got my friends back into it. We do it mostly as a social thing, it’s really fun though. So there’s my hobby.

I do a draft at most of the conventions I attend, so if you want to play with me keep an eye on the Upcoming Events page on my website.

Are you a role player?

Yes, I am a role player. I have been since I discovered the TMNT RPG back when I was a young teen, and have been doing it pretty much ever since. When I play, I’m almost always some kind of magic user (duh).   When I GM, I prefer to homebrew my own system.

What about video games?

I do play video games. I’ve had most of the major systems. My favorite ones combine good storytelling with engaging gameplay.

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