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Will You Ever Make An Encyclopedia Of _____ Series?

The Stormlight archive is a very big book. Do you have plans of including a glossary that’s more expansive than the Ars Arcanum?

If I do make a glossary, it will probably be on my website. Perhaps I’ll be able to slip in a longer glossary into future books. The problem is that the first book is already so long, as you said. I just don’t have the pages for it now. As the series expands, maybe.

The thing is, I’ve always partially liked a glossary and partially not liked them, because as series get longer and longer, you have to make decisions about what to include and what not to include. Using the glossary in the backs of the Wheel of Time books is somewhat bittersweet because it only covers around one percent of the things you’d want to be in there. So in some ways it’s become irrelevant, because most of the things you’ll want to look up are not going to be there. It seems like it served its purpose best in the early to middle books, but now if you really want to know you’ve got to go to a fan site. So maybe we’ll just do an online glossary or send people to one of the fan-created wikis.

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