What Do You Think Of Your Audiobooks?

I think Michael Kramer and Kate Reading did a great job narrating the book and creating voices for each of the characters but I wanted to know what you thought about it. Do you feel like the characters were portrayed accurately based on your original ideas for them?

I asked for Michael and Kate specifically, since I’ve liked their work on the Wheel of Time. That said, it’s always an odd experience to hear the book read by someone else. In fact, I find it an odder experience than getting cover art, which is arguably a larger ‘interpretation’ of my work than a reading is. I think with the reading, I find myself wanting to tweak and change things, so it’s kind of a nerve-wracking experience.

I think Michael and Kate did a great job, though sometimes, it’s a strange experience to hear voices I associate with WoT characters being used for someone else.

When you’re writing, do you hear Michael Kramer in your head?

I do now. I asked for him by name because I liked how he and Kate Reading did the Wheel of Time books. Yeah, I get a big kick out of doing Wayne’s voices and trying to figure out how Michael’s going to try to read those.

How involved are you in the audiobook process?

So, I request a specific reader, and then I read all the names in the book and send them an audio file of that, and they listen to it and they sometimes follow what I say.

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