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Which Of Your Characters Is Your Favorite?

At one point I would have made it a tie between Lightsong and Vin, but I’ve written so many more characters now that asking me to choose is pretty much impossible.

No, Really.

Well, I guess it depends on what you mean by favorite. A lot of people ask me this question, and my response is often different. Who am I writing at the time, what I am feeling at the time? Lightsong makes me laugh, but Kelsier is conflicted in a more personal, dangerous way–and that appeals to me. Vin is best rounded, but Sazed is (perhaps) closest to my heart. And that’s just the ones in a couple of books. I really can’t pick just one.

Are you really sure? 

Of course not. When asked a different time, I said, “You ask a tough question. Very tough. I’ll have to say Hoid is my favorite.”


Robert Jordan, I quote him a lot because I studied his life a lot, he always answered this question by saying “My favorite character is the one I’m working on right now” and I like that answer.

What if you had to pick one from Warbreaker?

In Warbreaker, my favorite character is Lightsong. I had long wanted to do a character who would have fit in an Oscar Wilde play. If you want to cast Rupert Everett as Lightsong in your head, feel free.

Which one is your favorite to write?

Most fun is usually Wayne.

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