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Which Of Your Characters Are Most Like Yourself?

There’s a piece of me in every one of them, but I’m not really like any of them.

  • People who know me well say that Alcatraz’s humor reminds them of my humor (which is different from Lightsong’s or Kelsier’s humor, which are different from mine).
  • Elend, in the original Mistborn book, represents so of how I’ve been known to act (reading books at social events).
  • Shuden in Elantris has a lot of me in him, actually.
  • Raoden has my optimism.
  • Hrathen has my logical and thoughtful (and dangerously devious) mind,
  • Vin has my pragmatic determination.
  • Sarene has my utter lack of skill with painting or drawing.

I could go on, but in the end, I don’t know if I could pick one who is most like me. Perhaps you should ask my wife. She’d probably be better at seeing this than I am.

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