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Occasionally I receive some very cool, and creative, emails from my readers from around the world. I received a survey from a few of my (self-described) weirdest, nerdiest, and most number one fans: Jessica, Matthew, and Jared Ashcraft. I thought it would be fun to share it with all of you along with some other similar questions I get..

You are a…



*Potted Plant

Fish Stick on top of a potted plant


Would you rather…

Become an evil High Epic and destroy everything and everyone in your city?

*Watch all your friends and family be eaten slowly by wild chalklings?

Who would win in a fight between Vin and Kaladin and why?

Vin. Kaladin isn’t good at hurting people who aren’t hurting people he cares about.

Are you more like…



Which of the following has a larger obsession over guns?



Who would it make you more sad to turn evil?



Which would you choose?



Full Feruchemist

Elantrian (not the undead kind)

Epic (nice)


Knight Radiant


Smedry Talent

Other :

Explain previous answer including form of power if necessary

Lots of metal in my current life. Not much Stormlight. So Mistborn wins.

If you didn’t choose Twinborn previously but you were Twinborn anyway, which two metals would you choose?

Same as Wax.

If all your books were burning in a fire, and you could only save one, which book would you save?

Way of Kings.

Are you fluent in High Imperial? If so, do you teach lessons?

No and no.

Have you really had your library card revoked 17 times?

Alcatraz made that up. He does things like that.

Other Questions

What are your writing plans for the upcoming future?

To keep at it until I fall dead at the keyboard, and they discover me with my lifeless face having hit the J button ten thousand times.

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