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When Will ____ Be Available In My Country/Language?

My agent is actively pursuing international publishing opportunities for all my works. The best way to get my books into your country is to contact a Fantasy publisher you trust (one that has put out books you like with a good translator), and request my books specifically. The more fan interest they see, the more likely they are to make the effort of translating and republishing.

Because of the rules of international publishing, even if the work is available in your language, you still might not be able to buy it because the publisher only has rights to sell in their own territory. This happens all the time. For instance, a publisher (like TOR) might buy North American rights, and another publisher (like Gollancz) might buy British rights. That means that TOR can’t sell my books in England, and Gollancz can’t sell my books in the US. That’s why amazon.co.uk exists. They can’t sell books with North American rights in the UK.

TLDR: If you want my book in your language or territory, you need to let your local publisher know that you want them to buy it.

Why can’t I get your books in ebook/audiobook format in … country?

I’m sorry you’re having trouble getting my books in ebook or audio formats where you live. A lot of people are having the same problem, and it is really frustrating. Here’s the explanation:

When publishing companies outside of the U.S. purchase the rights to sell my books, the obtain the rights to sell my books not only in print form, but usually in digital and audio form as well. This can complicate things when it comes to international electronic distribution. For example, someone living in the U.S. can purchase most of my books from Amazon.com or audible.com, however usually someone living outside of the U.S. cannot because Amazon or Audible does not have the electronic distribution rights to sell in that market. What has to happen is the publishing company for that region needs to authorize or produce the audio/ebook in their market. This is frustrating because, for whatever reason, some publishers haven’t done this yet, so readers/listeners of my books cannot purchase them in these formats until the publisher makes the move.

Unfortunately, publishing issues like this are beyond my control. I have instructed my agent to pursue international contracts, and I can assure you that he is constantly bringing us new opportunities. I am also doing everything I can on my end to encourage my international publishers to make my books available in any format they can. I encourage you to also voice your opinion to the publisher in your area, if you can.

Thanks again for your support, and I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

If you’re interested, Graphic Audio (http://www.graphicaudio.net/) has international rights for unabridged audio dramatizations of some of my books including ELANTRIS and WARBREAKER, which may be an alternative for you, if you’d like to listen to these books.

Questions about International Rights

Please direct all licensing questions to my excellent agent at JABberwocky Literary agency, found at Awfulagent.com

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