Unpublished Works

While it would be nice to think that everything I’ve ever written was a masterpiece, the fact is that my first few books aren’t very good. That’s okay. You need to practice to be good at anything. I consider these novels practice books, I used them to hone my craft. I still try to learn new things with each book. You don’t have to worry much about missin out by not reading these. I’ve taken the best characters, settings, magic, and other ideas from these unpublished novels and polished them in my published work.

  • White Sand Prime (My first fantasy novel.)
  • Star’s End (Short, alien-relations sf novel.)
  • Lord Mastrell (Sequel to White Sand Prime.)
  •  Knight Life (Fantasy comedy.)
  • The Sixth Incarnation of Pandora (Far future sf involving immortal warriors.)
  • Dragonsteel (My most standard epic, other than the not-very-good Final Empire Prime.)
  • White Sand (Complete rewrite of the first attempt of White Sand Prime and Lord Mastrell, turned out much better. Now a graphic novel.)
  • Mythwalker (Unfinished at about 600 pages. Another more standard epic fantasy.)
  • Aether of Night (Standalone fantasy. A little like Elantris.)
  • Mistborn Prime (Shorter fantasy. Didn’t turn out so well.)
  • Final Empire Prime (Shorter fantasy. Didn’t turn out so well.)
  • The Way of Kings Prime (Fantasy War epic.)
  • Liar of Partinel/Lightweaver of Rens (Hoid’s Origin Story)

I also have several projects that I started working on that have never really gone anywhere. I’ll list some here, but there are probably more by the time you read this.

  • Death by Pizza
  • Dark One (Unfinished. YA fantasy)
  • Untitled Aether Project (Two chapters only. Never went anywhere with this.)
  • Nightblood (Warbreaker sequel. Title may change. Unwritten.)
  • The Silence Divine (Working title. Stand alone Epic Fantasy. Unwritten.)
  • Zeek Harbinger, Destroyer of Worlds (Middle Grade Sf. Maybe an Alcatraz follow up. Unwritten.)
  • The King’s Necromancer: Unlikely any time soon.

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