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Tell me about your BYU Creative Writing class

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I teach a Creative Writing class at my Alma Mater, Brigham Young University each year. It’s always winter semester, one evening per week. It should generally be Thursday at 5:10 pm but not necessarily. The class name is English 318R/490R

My class is split into two sections

1. Workshop class: ENGL 318R Sec 003 (15 seats, by application only)
In this class, in addition to the lectures, you will be split into writing groups and will critique writing samples from the students in the class. I will also read and critique your writing. Because of the time commitment for me, I have to limit this group to 15 people. You must complete the application to have a chance at getting into this section.

2. Lecture class: ENGL 490R Sec 002
In order to allow more students to take the class, there is a section for students who will only attend the lectures. Many students in this section form their own writing groups to critique each other’s writing, but I will not be able to read and critique for these students.

Students who want to attend the lectures only should sign up for 490R Sec 002 when registration opens. That is also the class for students who want to audit.

Students who want to attend the lectures and complete the full workshop class should apply using the links above. If you need an ENGL 318 credit this semester you should, in addition to applying, sign up for another section and be prepared to drop that class if your application to my class is accepted.

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