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What If I Can’t Attend Your Class In Person?

If you can’s attend my creative writing class at Brigham Young University, then you can find the lectures for a few years recorded and posted online.

The 2016 lectures, which were filmed professionally by Earl Cahill, are meant to be the official set for the next few years. You can find them here on YouTube

The 2014, The BYU English Department posted the lectures on YouTube.

In 2013, Scott Ashton, a student of mine recorded my lectures and put them online at Write About Dragons.

The Writing Excuses podcasts, which are also a great teaching resource for writers occasionally have videos posted on YouTube as well.

That said, no class, even the one I teach, can take the place of writing on your own and practicing. That will be the most useful thing to you in your career—practicing lots of styles, lots of writing tools, and lots of types of stories. Your job is to learn for yourself what works for you, and develop your own mix of strategies—writing methods, outlining methods, viewpoint/tense decisions, prose decisions—that help you consistently create great books.

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