Licensing Inquiries

Licensing Inquiries:

Please reach out to JABberwocky Literary Agency with any inquiries about product licensing.

Please be aware that inquiring about the necessary license(s) before investing significant resources in designing and/or manufacturing a product avoids the unfortunate and unpleasant circumstance of being forced to walk away from your efforts when a license is unavailable.

With that in mind, and allowing for rare exceptions, keep in mind the following when putting together a licensing proposal for Dragonsteel:

  • Dragonsteel usually works with experts who have already significant previous experience in successfully creating, manufacturing, and selling products.
  • Dragonsteel usually works with products that are manufactured rather than handmade.
  • Dragonsteel rarely works with businesses that rely on crowd funding.
  • Dragonsteel currently turns down all NFT proposals.
  • Dragonsteel turns down music and digital gaming inquiries because those rights are always closely tied to film/tv rights.

Examples of Licensed Work:

For reference, here are a few products/companies that have been licensed by Dragonsteel for various products:

  • Badali Jewelry has exclusive rights to make and sell jewelry based on and/or inspired by the Cosmere books.
  • Forged Foam has exclusive rights to make and sell swords based on the Dragonsteel Works, including but not limited to “shardblades.”
  • Brotherwise Games has the exclusive right to make games based on the Stormlight Archive. Nauvoo Games has the right to make games based on the Reckoners.

Please Note:

Fans sometimes pitch an idea to Brandon at a convention or a signing. Having him say, “Yeah, that sounds cool,” is not permission to move forward.

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