Licensing Inquiries

Licensing Inquiries:

Please reach out to JABberwocky Literary Agency with any inquiries about product licensing.

Please be aware that inquiring about the necessary license(s) before investing significant resources in designing and/or manufacturing a product avoids the unfortunate and unpleasant circumstance of being forced to walk away from your efforts when a license is unavailable.

With that in mind, and allowing for rare exceptions, keep in mind the following when putting together a licensing proposal for Dragonsteel:

  • Dragonsteel usually works with experts who already have significant previous experience in successfully creating, manufacturing, and selling products.
  • Dragonsteel usually works with products that are manufactured rather than handmade.
  • Dragonsteel rarely works with businesses that rely on crowd funding.
  • Dragonsteel currently turns down all NFT proposals.
  • Dragonsteel turns down music and digital gaming inquiries because those rights are always closely tied to film/tv rights.

Examples of Licensed Work:

For reference, here are a few products/companies that have been licensed by Dragonsteel for various products:

  • Badali Jewelry has exclusive rights to make and sell jewelry based on and/or inspired by the Cosmere books.
  • Forged Foam has exclusive rights to make and sell swords based on the Dragonsteel Works, including but not limited to “Shardblades.”
  • Brotherwise Games has the exclusive right to make games based on the Stormlight Archive. Nauvoo Games has the right to make games based on the Reckoners.

Please Note:

Fans sometimes pitch an idea to Brandon at a convention or a signing. Having him say, “Yeah, that sounds cool,” is not permission to move forward. In every case, you must go through the proper channels and have signed permission in writing in order to license the use of any Dragonsteel works.

Last updated 7-10-2023

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