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Can We Get Authorized Merchandise Of…?

I’m so glad that fans love my books so much that they want to hold a piece of the world in their hands. I get a lot of requests for specific merchandise in my store: Shardblades, Nightblood, Stormlight Spheres, Soonie Pups, Bridge 4 Temporary Tattoos, Allomantic Vials, etc. While we look into many of them, most just aren’t economically feasible (they’d cost more to make than most of our fans would be able to afford). Every year we do get some new products, so stop by around the holidays to see what we’ve added.

Things that we don’t have the expertise to design and market on our own, such as jewelry and coins, we’ve licensed to other companies, like Badali and Shire Post, and we link to their products in our store.

Now, if you’d like to make a single replica of something for yourself or your friends, I consider that to be Fan Art, and I heartily approve. I’ve seen some really great costumes and items at conventions and online. Please read our Fan Art policy for more details.

Finally, if you are an inventor or designer, and want to offer us a new product remember the following things

  • Fans sometimes pitch an idea to Brandon at a convention or a signing. Having him say, “Yeah, that sounds cool,” is not permission to move foreward. You should not sink money into a project like this without a signed contract granting you a license. Many merchandising rights are tied up already, and we don’t want to see you get burned by something that is out of our control.
  • You will need to do all the legwork yourself. We are not manufacturers, and we do not want to be anybody’s partner in these matters. You will need to make your own designs, build your own prototypes, find your own factory, and manage your own supply stream.
  • In your license contract, we will negotiate how the items will be listed and/or sold through our store.

Please contact my agent Joshua Bilmes (joshua at awfulagent.com) to see if a license is available. You may not manufacture and sell items from my books without a license.

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