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Can I Make Fan Art Or Write Fan Fiction?

Fan Art (including fan fiction)

I have a liberal policy when it comes to fan art and encourage it and other transformative works within certain limits. You may not, however, use any of my trademarks in your marketing material (e.g., the names of any of my books or book series). Using the names of characters or descriptions of scenes, however, is just fine, so long as you credit me with the characters and ideas that belong to me. It is also alright for you to sell limited copies of your fan art (but art only; fan fiction can’t be sold at all, anywhere) and other transformative works on your websites and at conventions so long as they do not impede on my trademarks and do not use copyrighted material, such as the art or text from my books. You may not, however, license (or otherwise permit the use of) any fan art created by you to third parties. I want to stress that I have no objection to fan art created solely for personal use, and this policy is intended to provide guidelines in connection with any commercial use of fan art only.

Some examples of what is OK and what is NOT OK are as follows:

  • It is OK to sell prints of your art on a website like Deviant Art or at your booth at a regional Comic-Con.
  • It is NOT OK put the image from your art onto t-shirts, mugs, pins, jewelry, etc which you intend to sell.
  • It is OK to include Kaladin’s brands art on a portrait of Kaladin where the brands show up on his forehead.
  • It is NOT OK to use Kaladin’s brands symbol by itself or as a part of any art or graphic design which you intend to sell in any form (e.g., prints, clothing, mugs, etc…).
  • It is OK to use in the art or design words that describe a scene (e.g. “Kaladin Versus Szeth!”).
  • It is NOT OK to use words verbatim from the text of the book by itself or as a part of any art or graphic design which you intend to sell in any form (e.g. the phrase “Life Before Death, Strength Before Weakness, Journey Before Destination” on poster, t-shirt, mug, pin, jewelry, etc…).

If you’re inspired to create songs or music using our art or text, you can share it online without payment, but I can’t authorize it for sale, or condone backdoor ways of “sharing” that are selling by another name.

If you have any questions as to whether my policy allows for you to do something please err on the side of caution and don’t do it.

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