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Can I Make A Non-Profit Fan Movie / Short / Trailer?

Normally, I’d love to do this sort of thing. The problem is, I just don’t have the right to say ‘yes’ any longer. Intellectual property rights can be notoriously tricky to deal with. Now, I personally have no problem with fan-films, games, creative works, etc. but I can’t give you approval. If you went forward with this, and a rights owner told you to stop, then you’d have to do so.

I’m afraid this puts you in a tough spot. If you wanted to do it, and hope that you weren’t told to stop, you could. Lucas lets people do fan films of all types. However, you risk having the whole thing yanked out from underneath you. You could approach the rights owner and ask what they think, but chances are that they’d just say no.

I am flattered you want to do this, and wish I could be more optimistic.

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