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Can I Take The Class If I’m Not A BYU Student?

Can I take the class if I’m not a BYU student?

Every year we have a few students who don’t currently attend BYU apply and get accepted. The application process is the same from our end. In the application, where it asks for your year in school, write “Continuing Education”.

From BYU’s end, you’ll need to register through the Continuing Education program. https://ce.byu.edu. If you are accepted into the workshop section we will provide you with an add code to give them. If you’re just attending the 490R lecture portion, you can add it through the regular process.

Please be aware that you will need an ecclesiastical endorsement (a letter from your church leader: pastor, chaplain, rabbi, minister, imam, bishop, etc) in order to be a BYU student of any kind. You will not be allowed to add classes without one. BYU has a strict honor code, and you have to agree to live by it while attending classes.  Contact the Admissions office for more information.

https://home.byu.edu/webapp/endorsements/  https://policy.byu.edu/view/index.php?p=26

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