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Will You Sign My Book?

I’m happy to sign your book. Some common ways to get a book signed are:

  • At a book signing. Book signings are an investment for booksellers. It is customary to buy the book you’re getting signed at the bookstore holding the signing. If you already own the book, it’s good manners to buy at least one book of any kind on the day of the signing. After the first book, I will happily sign and personalize other books you’ve brought from home. Depending on the crowd size, we may have to limit the number of books I’ll sign at a time, but you can wait in line again to get more books signed after everyone has had a chance.
  • At a convention. I generally have a specific signing time during each convention. The lines are often long, so plan for that. You can also catch me after a panel, or another time at a convention, and ask for a quick signing. I’ll be happy to oblige as long as I don’t have too many people at a time, and I don’t need to rush off for something. Use your judgement on this, and try to be polite.
  • From my store. I carry hardcover books that have been out for at least a year (I don’t want to compete with bookstores on new releases). You can ask for a simple signature or a personalization. I sign orders about once a week when I’m not on tour, so it may take a few days to get done.
  • From another store. I often sign extra stock when I’m in a bookstore for a signing, or just passing through (like in airports). You can call stores I’ve been in, or I’m planning to visit, to see if they’re able to either hold or ship a book for you. I often will do a special signing at Sam Weller’s in Salt Lake City near release day for mail order customers.

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