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Which Book Do You Think Would Make The Best Movie?

While I loved Mistborn and am excited to see you optioned the film rights already, I think that Warbreaker would translate to film even more easily/successfully.

So I guess my question is, do you agree that Warbreaker will translate to film better? Did you discuss this with Hollywood people? Which of your works do you think is most marketable as a medium-to-big-budget film?

I think the magic system of Warbreaker is certainly better suited to film than a lot of the Mistborn magic system. However, I think the plot and storytelling of Mistborn—because of the action/adventure style of it—would translate better to film. Story structure-wise, Mistborn, particularly the first book, is probably the best book-to-film translation I think I’ve got.

I think Warbreaker would make a wonderful graphic novel, and someday a Mistborn film, the metals would have to work in a very different way. They would probably be understated in the film itself.

Of course, since I first answered this question, I’ve written many more books. Steelheart, specifically, was written in a very cinematic style, and I think the action scenes from that book would look great on the big screen.

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