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When Is ______ Going To Be Made Into A Movie?

I have had movie or TV deals for Mistborn, Alcatraz, The Cosmere, Steelheart, Legion, etc. You’ll notice that as of May 2016, nothing has materialized on the screen for you to actually see. That’s the way Hollywood works. They are always SOOO excited about this project, which is the best thing that has ever come down the pipe!! They option the movie (Which means that they give me money to not let anybody else make the movie until the option runs out). Then it winds its way through the maze of producers, screenwriters, directors, actors, and studio executives, sometimes taking years. More often than not, the project never gains the traction it needs to get greenlit for actual production.

While when I was a newly published author, I was happy to let almost anybody give me large amounts of free money. Now that I have more clout, I’m being more selective about selling rights, favoring studios that have a proven track record of getting things done. I currently have two or three properties that look like they might actually go somewhere, but until the movie is actually made, I’m not really holding my breath.

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