What Is The Cosmere?

All of my Cosmere books share a single creation myth, a single cosmology. The connection of them—the greater world, the greater universe—they call the Cosmere. There is a character who has shown up in each of my epic fantasies, and it is the same person, not just a repeated name. WarbreakerElantris, the Mistborn books and The Stormlight Archive do all share a common cosmology. The Wheel of Time books that I worked on and my children’s books are not part of the Cosmere.

There is an underlying theorem of magic for all of these worlds. People keep trying to look for a unifying theory of physics. You know, the great, unifying theory that ties all things together. I have a little science background and I wanted there to be a unifying theory of magic, which there is, in these books at least. It’s not simple, it’s not like one sentence, but you can map out how the magic all fits together in this kind of super theorem.

You can count on me to make an overly complex theory of everything that has little basis in reality. I’m good at that.

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