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Who Or What Has Influenced The Creation Of The Cosmere?

There are certainly authors who have done this sort of thing before. I generally tend to react against what inspires me instead of toward it. I’ve talked about this before—if I think someone does a very good job with something, I’ll try to approach it from a different direction because I figure they’ve covered that concept. At other times, if an author does something that I thought could have been way cooler, then I will react I guess in that direction…I don’t know if that’s a reaction for or against.

Asimov eventually had an overarching plot/universe. Stephen King did it. Other authors have done it, but they have not planned it from the beginning. As well as Asimov did with some of the concepts, I was always disappointed in his attempts to bring all of his stories together into one world because it just wasn’t meant to be that way, and it felt like that. It felt clunky—I’ve always preferred the early robot stories and the early Foundation books to the later ones.

So I felt that if I was going to have a supermyth, so to speak—an overarching paradigm for these books—it would have to have a number of things. One, it would have to be limited in scope, meaning I wasn’t going to try to cram everything into it. That’s why ALCATRAZ is not involved in any of this. Number two, I would have to plan it from the beginning, and number three, I would want it to be subtle. In other words, I don’t want it to come to dominate any of the stories because I want the books, the series, to stand on their own. I want this to be something that you can find if you’re searching, but that will never pull the characters of a given book away from the focus on what is important to them.

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