If You Were An Epic…

If you were an Epic what would your powers be?

I really ought to say something like the power to heal other people. Even if it was just the ability to cure the common cold. Truthfully it would be something like summoning books out of the air. But if I were to pick the one I really wanted, it would be flying. Who doesn’t want to fly?

If you had the choice, would you want to be an Epic?

Would I make the choice to become an Epic? Well they ALL GO EVIL so NO. No no no no. I’d be a Mistborn, yes yes yes yes yes. Epic? no no no no.

What’s would your Epic weakness be? Chocolate?

No, not chocolate. Mac’n’cheese? Well, No ’cause I like mac’n’cheese too much. Fish sticks. It would be fish sticks.

I thought you disliked fish sticks.

Exactly. That’s why they’d be my weakness.

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