How Did You Come Up With The Idea Of Bridge Crews?

I approached this first from a “how would you actually fight on these plains?” direction. But also I wanted to evoke the concept of a terrible siege, with a man running with a ladder toward a wall. And yet that’s been done so much. The Shattered Plains came from me wanting to do something new. I liked the idea of battles taking place in a situation that could never exist on our planet, what it would require, what it would take out of the people, and how it would naturally grow.

What about the bridges themselves?

This is not going to be immediately obvious, but the big difficulty was in designing bridges that were mobile but also strong enough to support a cavalry charge. It took a lot of research and talk with my editor, looking at the engineering of it and the physics of the world to actually be able to create these things. I’m sure fans are going to try to diagram them out. That was one aspect of it: how were the bridges going to be set?

And so I did a lot of reading about siege equipment. I did a lot of reading about weights and tensile strength of various woods, did a lot playing with the length, the span between the chasms, etc. One thing that people should know if they are trying to figure all this out is that Roshar has less gravity than Earth does. This is a natural outgrowth of my requirements both for the bridges and for the size of the creatures that appear in the book

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