Do aviars have allomantic powers?

A lot of Aviar abilities are Cognitive type stuff, just from the way I built them so I can separate the magics. The whole Seeker/coppercloud thing, a lot of Aviar abilities are going to be riffs on that, or they’re going to be riffs on glimpsing the Spiritual a little bit. And you see a lot of that in Allomancy. There are abilities that they have that you won’t see in Allomancy.

The trick is Allomany is so broad. I built the main magic systems to be able to get a little bit of everything. You see the same thing in Stormlight. So seeing Aviar abilities that you haven’t seen some version of it in Mistborn or Stormlight, it’s going to be… Mistborn and Stormlight touch on all different parts of the magic system on purpose. But I think you will eventually see some that don’t. But they’re all going to work on the Cosmere magic, so you can say they’re all related.

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