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Did You Really Tuckerize A Bunch Of Fans In WOT?

Wikipedia says: Tuckerization is the act of using a person’s name in an original story as an in-joke. The term is derived from Wilson Tucker, a pioneering American science fiction writer, fan and fanzine editor, who made a practice of using his friends’ names for minor characters in his stories. For example, Tucker named a character after Lee Hoffman in his novel The Long Loud Silence, and after Walt Willis in Wild Talent.

While writing the final Wheel of Time books, I took a list of people who had participated in a WoT charity drive and used their names as inspiration for character and place names in the books. A fan site collected them here.

A the time I said, “Now, know that I may adapt the name, and may use either the first or the last, depending on what strikes me.”

I’ll probably do more things like this in the future. There’s a lot of people in my books that need names.

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