Who Should I Use As Beta Readers?

Beta readers are people who can read a draft of your writing and give good feedback.

I wouldn’t recommend family because they tend to tell you they love everything and don’t give you enough criticism.

I’ve found that author friends can be really helpful. You can meet these people in writing classes or at writing conventions, or online through sites like Reading Excuses and the Nanowrimo site where you can find writing groups near you.

You may also find people in your circle of friends who cna give good feedback. Look for people who have well thought out opinions on movies, music, television, or books they’ve read. Not just “I liked it” but “I love the way the author used visual imagery in that chapter to show the emotions of the main character.” or “The ending didn’t work for me because this character, who has wanted a real family for her entire life suddenly decides that getting married isn’t all that important to her at all, and they should just live together.”

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