What Do You Do When You Have Writer’s Block?

When I have writer’s block, it’s almost never “What do I write next?” I have too many things that I want to write, so I always have something on my plate. Writer’s block for me is where I’m a few chapters in and the story’s not flowing ,or I’m in the middle of the book somewhere and a chapter is just not working. That’s the only time I really get it. And I deal with it by writing the next part anyway, and it often doesn’t work, but I can set it aside and try it again the next day. I find that just writing it anyway, writing it poorly, and setting aside what I wrote and trying again fixes the problem almost every single time. It doesn’t happen as often as it used to. For instance, in Firefight, I only had to set aside one chapter through the course of the book and try again, so that’s been very nice.

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