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Can I tell your class about an exciting writing/publishing opportunity?

As a policy, we don't advertise things like this during the class. Even just making an announcement implies that we're endorsing the venture, which without careful vetting we can't do. We suggest posting on the various online writing forums to find suitable applicants.

To explain further, we once got a request to announce a call for entries from a publisher running a contest. A quick look at their contract revealed that their publishing terms were predatory, offering very small royalties and reserving all rights, essentially ensuring that the author could never publish the story anywhere else including their own website. In order to do our primary jobs, we don't have time to examine every contract in detail, so we must decline all these requests.

We also suggest that all writers read the contract a publisher offers before signing, to avoid pitfalls like the above. has good information on how to spot a bad contract.