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When will you visit my city?

I'm always curious to hear where people live so I can suggest those places to my publisher. I’m compiling a database of fans who want to be informed of upcoming signings, so I’ll be sure to send you an email if I visit your area. You can also keep an eye on my events webpage http://www.brandonsanderson.com/events I’ll keep it updated as soon as I have details.

If you run a convention, or something similar, and want to invite me as a guest, contact my Business Manager at Emily@BrandonSanderson.com. If you want to arrange for me to stop in your city/bookstore on tour, contact my publisher’s marketing/publicity department.

Brandon has done school visits in the past, and hopes to do more in the future, but right now his schedule is so packed he is not able to add any school visits to it except under very special circumstances.

That said, I get requests for appearances literally every week. If I said yes to all of them, I couldn’t physically get from one to the next in time. Even if I scheduled them so they don’t overlap, I could spend all of my time at appearances, and therefore NONE of my time writing (to say nothing about spending time with my family.