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Can we get authorized merchandise of…?

I’m so glad that fans love my books so much that they want to hold a piece of the world in their hands. I get a lot of requests for specific merchandise in my store: Shardblades, Nightblood, Stormlight Spheres, Soonie Pups, Bridge 4 Temporary Tattoos, Allomantic Vials, etc. While we look into many of them, most just aren’t economically feasible (they’d cost more to make than most of our fans would be able to afford). We have found some that we can manufacture for ourselves, and we’ve put in our store. Others, like jewelry, we’ve licensed to other companies, like Badali, but we still link to them in our store.

Now, if you’d like to make a single replica of something for yourself or your friends, I consider that to be Fan Art, and I heartily approve. I’ve seen some really great costumes and items at conventions and online.

If you want to make a prototype of an object, find your own manufacturing options, etc, please contact my agent Joshua Bilmes (joshua at to see if a license is available. You may not manufacture and sell items from my books without a license.